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Summer Reading 2016

Summer Reading is coming to a close and I wanted to give you one last encouragement to seize the moment to read. I spent the first month not touching a books and I was really upset with myself about it. It was embarrassing case of Readers Block that can be fatal to a librarian's soul. I chose to create an opportunity to read. I planned a 10 hour road trip so I could listen to a book on tape when I drove. Because of this, I was able to knock off 2 of my summer reads from my list. The What is a What and the book Interpreter of Maladies. Now me listening to these two books coincided with the #BlackLivesmatter Rally in Dallas that had left 5 Police Officers dead. In every which way that you can look at the situation, the outcome was wrong and senseless. Listening to these stories from the books of different race and cultures, I gained great insight of what it is like coming from different cultures and how coming to America can be both rewarding and punishing. My head was stirred with other stories that I have read where injustices have mocked citizens based on not just color, but of religion, heritage, and class. I encourage you to read your summer reading, not just as a task, but as way to educate and inspire you. Reading a good book is a great way to nurture empathy towards other. Seeing others struggles and reading about how they overcome can be inspiring towards your day to day struggles and life events. So I am out of time to travel this summer to read, so I am going on a hike this afternoon and finish up one of my summer reads on Hoopla. Seize the opportunity to read, you can do this!

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